Posted on Mar 2, 2019

La Pasta Italian Restaurant

Spritzer, the ultimate summer drink. 🥂🌞

Mar 2, 2019 – Mar 9, 2019
There is nothing better than a chilled glass of smooth Italian white wine with a dash of soda water. Spritzers are popular as they are versatile. Enjoy a spritzer as an aperitif, alongside a dish, or by itself simply to quench your thirst! It’s refreshing, it’s delicious, and you drink less!

The spritzer comes from Austro-Hungarian 19th century practice to add a spritz (German for splash) to Northern Italian wines. Rumor says Italian wines were too strong for the refined Habsburg palate, so water was used to mellow the strength.

For a long time wine was the beverage for royalty. Spritzers changed all that and brought wine to the people.

It’s heating up in Siem Reap! Stay hydrated. Try our chilled bubbly spritzer made with authentic Italian white wine only $2.25.

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Valid Mar 2, 2019 – Mar 9, 2019
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